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Tuesday, October 10

Location: Whyte Ave Starbucks
Rating: **/5

I like to have odd jobs. Some people think it's strange that I worked in a bakery and made muffins all summer, that I serve in what has got to be the strangest little greasy spoon restaurant with giant 20 year old fish in a tank and now I'm a barista at Starbucks. I won't lie, I thought the job was going to be pretty easy but man was I wrong. Luckily Starbucks steps up with the most intensive training program I've ever seen including e-learning and I have a complementary life insurance plan to boot in case one of those steamers explodes in my face I guess.

After my fourth training shift today I picked up my free drink. I've been trying a few different things but today was a day that required chai. I've had the Starbucks chai before and knew what to expect so decided to mix it up a little with a Grande, half sweet, no fat, tzao chai. And yeah that's how you would call it, I think, I get a little mixed up on the order of it still sometimes. As I headed out the door into the construction zone that is Whyte Ave these days, I was glad I opted for a chai. It's been a cold and rainy day and with night the slight drizzle was turning into ice crystals as it fell. Luckily I could keep my hands warm on my chai since I didn't bring mits to work today. Seriously it's the beginning of October and I wished I had them. As I passed the pan handlers wrapped in blankets asking for change I enjoyed the warm milk and foamy texture. Half sweet is the way to go with a Starbucks chai but it really just comes out like a steamed milk and I think next time I'll just get a vanilla cream (steamed milk with a shot of vanilla syrup).

As I walked home I popped in my headphones and listened to M. Ward's cd, Post War. With the late night walk home from work, my breath clouding out into the ice crystals falling on the wet street it seemed the perfect soundtrack. I finished my chai mainly because I didn't get to eat diner and needed something to fill my stomach. In the end I still have trouble calling any store bought chai I've ever had an actual chai. Still it was nice to have on a dark, cold walk home and free so who's complaining? Not me.
nicholas, 9:48 PM


I've been listening to Post War as well. Good things. Fall in Edmonton is lovely.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 8:34 PM  

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