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Thursday, October 5

In the last week I've eaten more fast food than I did all summer. I ended up at Wendys twice, A&W, and eating one of my sinful pleasures, mall Chinese food. Most of this was outside of my control as my busy week and impaired decision making caught up with me. After having such an unlikely culinary treat I've decided it's time for a Fast Food review.

Wendys has always been one of my favorite fast food stops. For one thing there's one only two blocks from my house and those Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers have got to be the tastiest and cheapest fast food out there. After the Shout, Out Out..... concert on Friday as I stumbled home Jessica and I had to stop to sample them. After working all day and missing a couple of meals I needed my 2AM lunch otherwise I'd probably not be feeling so good as I tried to serve customers the next morning. As always my little Jr.'s did the trick and I left happy and full. My next Wendys stop was on the way back from Calgary. My Mom and I had a rental car and 4 hours until her flight out of Edmonton so we decided lunch would sadly be the Wendys drive through in Airdrie. As we pulled in to the drive through we saw a sign that is popping up all over Alberta these days. "Drive Through Closed Due to Lack of Staff". So we jumped out of our budget car only to find a line, 20 deep waiting for their burgers inside. They moved the line along amazingly fast and people were in good spirits partly because there were about four signs apologizing for the inconvenience but that Wendys was operating with only minimal staff. I elected to have the big brother of the Jr. and ordered the Big Bacon Classic. While tasty the fries were not fresh and eating fast food while in a car when you'll be sitting for another 3 hours is never the best plan. In the end though Wendys quality and service under difficult oil boom conditions were impressive.

A&W was another story. After getting to Calgary on Tuesday I had a couple of hours before heading to my job interview. My Mom and I searched but could not find a Subway which left us walking into the tinniest A&W ever. The fry cooks were having a very loud conversation about there partying that everyone could hear and it was about 10 C in the place so my fries and toes were freezing by the time we bolted for the door.

szechuan Chinese in West Edmonton Mall has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. Last night I had to run off and buy some new pants. At around 8pm I realized I had not eaten yet and the allure of the food court was calling me. I loaded up the plate with sweet and sour pork, ginger beef, shanghai noodles and a spring roll. While it was far to much food and had clearly been sitting out for a few hours, it seriously met my craving and left me feeling full and a little sick for hours after. Just the way I remembered!
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