Thursday, October 5

This website is pretty cool. They let you try out their facial recognition software to see what celebrities you look like. It asks for a straight on picture with a straight face. First, I realized I have no pictures of myself with a straight face. I always have a huge grin or am doing something ridiculous. Second, I realized that every picture I have of me is one of me at a party. Below is me partying in India and my friends Tomoe actually took the photo. I think this was the night we tried to make mohito's but the Indian mint we bought in the market ended up tasting like skunk. Mmmmm!

So apparently I'd make a pretty girl and can I tell you how much it hurts that Paris Hilton is on there but I also got Madonna so for sheer coolness factor I'm cool with that. I'm waiting for the day when someone comes up to me and says, "hey, you look a bit like Madonna you know."

nicholas, 8:13 AM

3 Comments: look like Paris Hilton.
Blogger kent, at 12:53 PM  
Not only that - Nicholas, you seem to look like a guy who puts his willy in an apple pie... Oh, wait... no, that's perfectly alright.
That was also kind of my impression of you. ;)

PS: I don't even know half of those guys. Germany is SO NOT up-to-date.
Blogger benjamin, at 1:59 AM  
I think it's perfectly alright.
Blogger nicholas, at 2:52 PM  

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