So Much to Give Thanks For, Where to Start

Sunday, October 8

I'm not gonna lie, this Thanksgiving weekend did not start out particularity special nor did I have anything remotely special planned. I work the whole weekend at two different jobs and was hoping to make time for a little sleep. Today it came together for me though. I work everyday this long weekend which is a little sad but also means I get to serve a bunch of people in the same situation. This meant today a slow restaurant full of Brits, exchange students, and a few people from South America. We chat about the weather, which has been ridiculously nice and fall like, and talk about family and friends far off.

Another server remembered an open bottle of champagne in the back of the cooler that needed to be used up so mimosas with pink grapefruit juice toasted thanksgiving morning. It seemed fitting to me for some reason looking out the window on Whyte Ave, seeing the leaves falling and the chill in the air blowing in our open door. I know I'll be moving on soon but that mimosa at work on a Sunday morning at one of the craziest and most nonsensical places ever will stick with me.

As always on Thanksgiving I miss my family and my friends who are in many ways part of my family. I was looking back to last year when I was in India and saw I said pretty much the same thing but in any case enjoy your turkey, wine and friendship. That's what this weekend is all about!

And don't worry Mom. I got my Thanksgiving diner thanks to Jill and her family so I'm full of turkey and ready for a nap as it should be.

nicholas, 10:29 PM


Happy Thanksgiving, buddy.

Apparently the best I can do here is celebrate american thanksgiving.
Blogger kent, at 12:06 PM  
Hey Nick,

I just thought i'd let you know - i've seen your twin! - he's a British-Asian student in Loughborough!

He looks exactly like you (ok, maybe different skin colour,) he has all your mannerisms and has the same permanant smile you have...

Is there something you're not telling us?!
Blogger ryan101, at 4:26 AM  

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