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Tuesday, November 28

In honor of my stupidly long commute to my new job that currently utilizes 3 modes of transportation, I've decided that now and then I'll let you know something interesting I noticed when I don't completely zone out. This morning as the sun began to peak its little shiny head up over the 401 and I boarded my bus out to Missisauga, an amazing little song came on my Ipod. I found this site a little while ago, Indie, and downloaded a best of playlist of tracks that had been featured on the site.

It was while listening to this playlist that a cute little song came on that made me want to take my earphones out and take them around to everyone else on the bus so we could all hear it. I get that urge sometimes but I realize it may not be a socially acceptable form of musical enthusiasm so I've yet to actually do it.

I've decided to pull my earphones out and offer them to you however so enjoy.

Laura Cantrell & Gordon McIntire live on BBC Radio 1 Christmas broadcast from 2003
I Lost You (But I Found Country Music)
nicholas, 3:58 PM


Hi Nicholas!

Happy bday the other day. I am so sorry I forgot to give you greetings. bday greetings to you!!

Anonymous kasia, at 10:31 PM  
Have you tried listening to the CBC Radio 3 podcast? I download it every week. It plays independent Canadian music - artists can sign up on the website to offer to have their music played.
Blogger Samantha, at 9:36 AM  
I love the CBC Radio 3 podcast. There was a great one a couple weeks ago with Jill Barber and Amy Milan!
Blogger nicholas, at 6:20 PM  

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