Oh The Places I've Been

Tuesday, November 28

It's been awhile since I've blogged and in that short time there's been many adventures. Too many to try to recount really but there was London then there was a surprise trip to Paris, then there was London again and then there was another airport good bye leaving my girl standing there with about 20 pounds of books she had to take out of the suitcase she sent home with me. Then there was arriving back in Edmonton in a blizzard, feeling like I was going to lose my fingers to frostbite while dragging suitcases through 6 inches of snow. And next it was a quiet farewell with some close friends before getting on a plane to Toronto and wandering the streets with my ridiculously heavy bag slung over my shoulder trying to find my friends apartment. A bruised shoulder and a short sleep later it was off to my first day of work.

I've settled in now after a couple days of work though the hour or more commute will need to be addressed. Hopefully I can find an apartment a little closer but for now I can't complain about a free place with a Starbuck on my way to the street car. Thanks Ryan!

I know that was random and badly written but hey give me a couple tried to get back into this bloggin thing. No pretty pics yet either since my computer is in a duffle bag but don't worry there's some good snoggin pics from all over Europe.
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keep em coming:)
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