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Wednesday, January 31

Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

I got this cd not long ago. I’d seen it in a store last summer with a sticker on it that said “The Best cd of the 19’th century” and that peeked my interest but I promptly forgot about it until I recently stumbled upon a track I must have downloaded at some point and that spurred me on to get the cd.

Beirut seriously does sound like some old school mish-mash of music. It’s as if a bunch of gypsies rolled into town and started playing music one night. The next thing you know Jose’s cousin and his mariachi band join in and you’ve got some really interesting music flying around your living room complete with trumpets and accordion.

Being from New Mexico and a trumpet player I guess explains the interesting mix if styles on the cd. When I play the disc I can’t help but think about Gabriel García Márquez, “100 Years of Solitude”. The songs have a sound born of the past but part of the present with a creeping influence of folk music and atmospheric stuff like Sigur Ros. And while I haven’t played my trumpet in awhile, I can certainly appreciate the trumpet work on the cd. Often when horns are in music these days its simple little background stuff with bad tone because the piano player just picked up the trumpet a month ago. This cd has great trumpet on it and I think even my old snobby high school band teacher would have trouble calling this disc McDonalds pop music. Postcards from Italy is the stand out track for me so check it out.

Postcards from Italy mp3
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