Thursday, January 25

It's become a little wintry in Toronto the last week which has led to the discover of a whole new species of urban animals. Albeit they're dead but still furry. Fur hats are apparently all the rage this year and it seems everyone has one. My working theory is that living in this fast paced urban life we don't have time for pets so we wear comforting furry substitutes.

Jodie was sporting fur and Christmas and I must admit I mocked a little and named it. Sebastian looked very good on her. Very KGB agent and wow was he soft so I take it all back. At least half anyway. Fur is fashionable!

So fur is apparently back. There are dead animals on everyone's heads and around their necks. Now don't get me wrong I'm not like a rabid anti fur person. I'm sure it's warm. I take a practical approach to such things as we were a country born out of the fur trade and I have yet to see anyone walking around with an endangered species on there head. They're probably just made out of cute little bunnies. I'm not sure I'll be jumping on the furry wagon but I do enjoy walking around feeling like I'm in a bad cold war era movie so I'm going to encourage this trend by directing you to a very nice website I found where you can get a fur hat. It says the store is closed for trapping season so you know when you get a hat, it'll be fresh.
nicholas, 6:33 PM


I do like Sebastian. He keeps my neck oooh so warm.

I'm setting forth a petition that you change your picture of that horridly goofy-looking man with the rather boff hat to something more like this...
Blogger Jodie, at 9:30 AM  
Wow, is that a photo of yourself Nicholas? You've really let yourself go since the last time I saw you...
Blogger ryan101, at 4:25 AM  

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