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Sunday, January 7

Hey all. Happy New Year, Merry Christmas ... I know it's been ages since I've been posting. Needless to say life has been pretty busy with the holiday season, a new job and just moving into a new apartment.

I won't bore you with all the details but I've spent the better part of my waking hours lately hanging with family at Christmas time and working at making my home livable. I have a wicked bruise on my thumb from those evil little IKEA alan keys but things are staring to come together in my apartment and the real plus is I have a bed to sleep on tonight. I've deffanitly gotten soft since my months on the floor in India because a week on an air mattress and my neck felt like i was being hammered by tiny little workers with tiny little sledge hammers. It may not have been just the bed though. There was the skiing over Christmas and countless over loaded trips to and from various stores pretty much every night this week. It all paid off though and I bought some tulips today to spruce up the place.

I've checked the tracking numbers on the various FedEx shipments coming my way and looks like the next couple of days are going to be Christmas all over again with things arriving from Edmonton, Kelowna and wherever Dell ships from. That's right, sweet new tv/computer monitor is on the way. Once I've got that I hope I'll be up and running on my own computer again so the blogging can get back to normal.

Here's a a couple shots from my holiday's. Hope yours were all as fun and loving as mine was! Check out the hot ski bunny I found!

nicholas, 7:42 PM


Notes from a ski bunny:

It's important to have the right accessories when skiing. First things first, a ski bunny must find herself a hot man who can turn heads with his wicked ski-style and flamboyant speed. That said, he must also be able to gently coax and reassure you down the hill when you follow him to deadly terrain. Of course afterwards he must praise your style and grace when you come crashing and bawling through the snow and shrubs.

But seriously -

It was great fun skiing with you Nicholas, and even more fun meeting your family and enjoying the holidays with you.

I can't wait to see your new appartment! 8 days left.
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