Thursday Review - Jay Brannan

Saturday, January 20

First off the Shortbus soundtrack is awesome. A great companion to the movie. It's right up there with the Hedwig soundtrack in terms of best ever movie soundtracks though it's not all original music made for the movie (or musical as Hedwig was). There's a bunch of little indie New York bands on the cd including the absolute highlight of the disc, Jay Brannan singing his song Soda Shop. You can see the youtube of him above singing it in his bathroom.

The song has an infectious guitar line with the bass strings making you hum along with it and Jay's voice and lyrics make you want to pick up a guitar and write something just as great about that last Friday night when you over did it at the Soda Shop. Jay stared in the movie Shortbus and when I saw the scene where he plays this song I almost fell out of my seat in the theatre it was so great. I've got a couple other songs of his from his website and they're true acoustic song writing. While not as catchy as Soda Shop I can definitely see a great cd coming out soon which by the way it is. You can even vote for the title of it on his website. I'm looking forward to hearing more so keep an eye out for when the cd is released.

Half Boyfriend mp3
Ever After Happily mp3

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