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Friday, January 12

Listening to I'm From Barcelona makes me wish I was from Barcelona. Actually it makes me wish I was from Sweden where the band is truly from. The band itself is a great and inspiring story. Emanuel Lundgren, a struggling singer songwriter wrote a few songs and then got a totally random group of friends and various other people together with the musical qualifications being, you must love music and began performing and recording.

If that sounded a lot like The Polyphonic Spree, you’re right, similar story and I had read a review that compared I’m From Barcelona to them. I don’t know if the comparison is fair though. The Polyphonic Spree always makes me think of a church choir on e while I’m From Barcelona is more like that time you were at your friends house and a few guys started playing guitars and singing and the next thing you know the whole group is jamming regardless of musical ability.

Their debut disc, “Let me Introduce my Friends” is a wonderful upbeat poppy record just rough enough around the edges that when you hear it you think, “wow these guys rock and I could probably join that band”. It drips with a love for music and friendship between the musicians. Every now and then you hear a voice stick out of the crowd or someone yell in the background and at the end of some songs a little chatting in the background. The atmosphere it creates is absolutely infectious. On the bus this morning I was wishing I had some tambourines, shakers and my guitar so we could just jam. Not sure it would come together as great as I’m From Barcelona does but that’s the feeling this disc gives you.

This is a must have cd and I hope that they get popular enough to support such a huge band to make a couple more discs or maybe cross the ocean for a tour because a live show would probably be pretty amazing and maybe then I could join the band.

I'm From Barcelona: We're From Barcelona
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