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Sunday, February 18

It's been awhile since I've been able to get on here to post. The drawbacks of working so much the last week including a 24 hour day last week and completely working through valentines day. I got some making up to do :-). A relaxing weekend with my brother in town has now segued into my first out of town business trip. I just got into Chicago, the windy city for two weeks of training.

The flight down was delayed of course but Air Canada came through with flying colours to salvage the situation. I know, you could literally taste the shock and amazement on the plane as they passed out free snacks and bar. As I stretched out in my over sized seat normally reserved for basketball teams and rock stars on the Air Canada jet I enjoyed my red wine and cashews while cruising to Chicago. When I got in I met up with another Accenture trainee and we managed to find the bus that was booked for us. The movie the Guardian was playing and my review of it, well let's just say I'm glad the trip was only an hour long and that's all I'll ever have to see of that movie.

Have a great week all and I'll let you know how things are going here in this rediculously nice conference centre / hotel I'm put up in for the next two weeks. Can't complain with a 24 hour fitness center and a yoga class on Wednesday...
nicholas, 8:38 PM


Damn, my 5.5 hour flight that night was 1.5 hours late and I didn't get any booze or nuts. I did have my own personal TV and watched "The Science of Sleep", however.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 8:17 PM  

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