Stop the Buffet!

Wednesday, February 21

I've now spent 3 days in what is essentially a giant hotel and conference center an hour outside Chicago going through trainings with my company. It's been pretty intense but by far the most intense thing has been the meals. The Q Centre has a giant dining hall complete with three full buffets for every meal. While the food changes daily, it pretty much tastes the same everyday. We've run through Italian, Indian, Cajun (a nice salute to carnival), and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Every meal is accompanied with dessert and Starbucks coffee.

As if that wasn't enough, at breaks they have free candy machines, cookies and pop machines. The novelty of just getting pop for free out of a vending machine has led to line ups of people who mostly just want to press the button and then look a little sad about having to drink their free pop after.

I'm not sure exactly what the strategy is with this yet but I'm sure there is one. Maybe they're working on getting us to a suitable size that it would be hard to leave our desks. In the end it is slowly killing us but I've noticed after a couple days of indulgence everyone is starting to back off in the buffet line and leave at least a little room on their plates for some thing green.
nicholas, 7:39 PM


You're living a dream, my friend. Eat a little for me...I haven't seen a buffet in a long, long time.

Are we gonna get pictures?
Blogger kent, at 11:41 PM  
Had some waffles thinking of you this morning. Sadly I left my camera at home. Dumb choice. Instead I'll try to chronical things a little better. Going into Chicago this weekend and we have a bar booked out. Should be a gong show.
Blogger nicholas, at 6:05 AM  

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