Wet and trying to tell people 0*C isn't cold

Monday, February 26

Here's my team for the two weeks I'm in Chicago. We represent Italy, Canada, England, and the US via India and Lebanon. We are known as "THE HOFFS" and if you look close you can see our team mascot and mentor on the stick there, David Hasselhoff.

After a half day of class on Saturday I got to escape what we're affectionately now calling our prison and head to Chicago for a day. As I put on my jacket I came to the sad realization I hadn't worn it since I got here almost a week ago because the only time I'm outside is running over to the pub 100 meters away.

We headed to Chicago in style in a limo, or at least it probably looked like style from the outside but inside we stuffed 10 people in the back on each others lap for the hour long trip. Chicago was a mess of rain, sleet and snow hovering around 0. While I'll freely admit the weather sucked I spent much of the weekend explaining that it really wasn't that cold to people who were wearing layers upon layers of sweatshirts or parkas if they had them.

It was a quick trip that felt like it was over before it began. We didn't do a ton but the highlight was drinks in the Hancock Center. A lounge on the 96 floor looks out over downtown and Lake Michigan. Drinking a martini looking at at the swirling snow and sporadic ice on the lake made me think life is pretty good these days. However walking back into our prison for another week last night was a little heart breaking. But the waffles, pancakes, fruit and coffee all spread out before me for breakfast mended it.
nicholas, 11:10 AM


Yay! You're home safe and sound and they didn't turn you into an uber geek (or a junk food addict.)

Glad it was a worthwhile experience and that you were able to have some fun while having your brain shoved full of info for 8 hrs a day.
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