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Thursday, April 26

Ok, I'm procrastinating becuase I'm supposed to teach a class tomorrow and not feeling in the mood to actually prepare right now... and I wanted to share with you two great things I've discovered in the past couple of months that came together tonight. Both are music related.

So first is Andrew Bird. I'm sold in him and I love his music. The fact that I didn't hear about him sooner hurts a little. I think he's from Chicago, plays the violin among other things and is a great song writer. His latest cd just came out "Armchair Apocrypha" and it's marvelous so get it.

Andrew Bird - Heretics.mp3

He was also featured on which is a site I ran into a few weeks ago. This is the coolest thing and you must check it out. Along with a great music blog (in french...) there is a weekly video on generally an up and coming indie band. This week was Andrew Bird. You can also get these on video podcast but my computer is too crappy to handle it right now but if yours can I suggest you subscribe. Check it out.

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