Summer Lovin

Friday, May 25

Summer officially came to Toronto last weekend and it then flipped back to spring and rained most of this week but before the rain I managed to summerize the patio. It’s a small 2Mx2M triangle jutting off my apartment that used to be home to a few empty pots and a dead plant left by the last tenant. Now it’s an urban oasis with a couple camping chairs, some geraniums and pansies and a camping BBQ. On the grill Saturday night, 14 floors up with a view of the CN Tower (that's it in the background) were some nicely marinated steaks, grilled eggplant with parmesan and peaches and cream corn.

I must confess to being a little nervous about bothering my neighbours with the rather large amount of smoke that pours off while grilling marinated steaks. I’m also not sure if there are any laws against grilling 14 stories up? Luckily we had made a stop by the LCBO to pick up a few interesting beers so I wasn’t too worried about it by the time the meat hit the grill. Mmmmmm, my urban patio is shaping up nicely.

nicholas, 12:14 PM


I'm feelin' the BBQ love. For old-time sake, try working with coals and using a chicken feather fan to heat them. It's a manly BBQ experience you won't soon forget.

Oh, and next time you're making beef kebabs, try raspberry juice (real stuff, if possible) and balsamic vinegar.
Blogger kent, at 1:52 AM  

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