J'aime Montréal and What I Learned

Friday, June 8

Apparently I look French because within 10 minutes of getting off the shuttle bus in Montreal I was asked by 4 people for directions in French. Luckily my impressive language skills shone through and I quickly came up with, "parlez vous anglais?". So I had a great trip and will be going back again soon I hope.

Following are a few things I learned on my trip to Montreal. Yes I know this sounds like a school project for grade 3 but hey, it's been awhile since I got to do one of those.

Montreal has more strip clubs and peep shows than anywhere I've ever been and they welcome all.

There is a place in the world for everyone, even those who want to dress up in chain mail and beat each other up with padded weapons. Seriously, this actually looks like fun but I'll need to grow my hair out to a proper ponytail before I can join a team I think.

The Tam Tams Rock and are worth moving to Montreal for. Where else do hundreds of people gather to sit in a park, smoke a variety of things, play drums and dance.

In Montreal, paperbaging in the park is as respectable as wine in a cafe. At least that's how it seemed to me?

Bruce Nauman's neon light exhibits are kinda creep and a white room lit by green neon makes you look like Shrek and a bit light headed.

It's hard to sleep when your girlfriend pulls an all nighter studying for an exam in the same hotel room and you volunteer to help quiz at anytime.

Celine still has some fans; in Quebec.
nicholas, 3:03 PM


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