Montreal Here I Come

Friday, June 1

I've been feeling a little ebarassed when I tell people here that I've never been to Montreal. I mean it's bad enough to be a Canadian who doesn't speak french but to top it off by never being to Montreal is just crazy. Although to be fair I grew up in western Canada so for all those Torontonians who look with staring disbelief when I say I've never been to Montreal, I'll ask have you ever been to Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, Victoria and everywhere in between? Let alone done a road trip through Saskatchewan.

In any case I'll be rectifying the situation this weekend as I head off to Montreal in a few hours for a fun filled time. I'll be doing rediculous touristy things, partying and maybe I'll even catch a concert or something while I'm there, that'd be fun. See ya on the other side, au revoir.
nicholas, 10:58 AM


I'm in that club. I think people around the world look at me in a crazy way when I tell them I've never been to my country's capital.

I'm like, "Umm...would you go to your capital if it was the equivalent of going from Cairo to Nairobi? Ya, I thought so."
Blogger kent, at 1:54 AM  

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