My Retinas are Melting

Wednesday, June 13

When I was in Montreal recently we ended up walking by the Musée d'art contemporain and feeling a little tiered of walking around and intrigued by a big poster with a neon man we headed in. What was inside was a playful land of neon lights with fast food messages for life rather than consuming. It was an exhibition of Bruce Nauman's work mostly from his early years in the 1970's I believe though don't quote me. Truthfully, I'd never heard of him before and some of the installation pieces like a rotating singing head projected on the wall were a little beyond my grasp or maybe they were just bad, with art I never know. But the neon light exhibits were fantastic. I love the idea of using something so bright, fast, electric and inextricable connected with modern advertising to make thought provoking or just intrusive life suggestions.

There was also a trippy room lit only by green neon light which for some reason gave the illusion that the whole thing was crushing in on you. Have a browse through some of these an look for more if you're interested. Here's a review of the show that reminded me to write something about it.
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