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Friday, June 1

When I first moved into my apartment back in January I bought a 3 bigger frames from IKEA with the idea of framing some of my favorite photos from my travels. They of course sat in the corner of my living room on the floor until last weekend when I finally decided something had to be done with them. It was difficult to select just 3 photos because to tell the truth I have some really good photos but hey so does everyone who's been traveling. I ended up going with three from India and two of them are from one of the highlight trips I took when we rode the bus over the Himalayas for two days. These now hang in my living room and remind me everyday that I need to go traveling again and for god sakes, I need to go back to India!

These are prayer flags in the highest memorable pass in the world which happens to be in the Himalayas on the way to the Nubra valley, there are praying monks from the same area and a man dressing his camel in Pushkar at the camel festival. Ok, who wants to go traveling again? Me, me!
nicholas, 12:50 PM


Brilliant. I really need to do that as well. If I ever find a place that i'm: 1. not under an eviction threat, 2. going to stay in for a while, 3. in a country that prints decent photos.
Blogger kent, at 1:56 AM  

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