TTC, How you pain me

Wednesday, June 13

Actually it's the Missisauga bus system that pains me more than the TTC. So this morning I get up, albeit a little late, but hey I'm not on a project right now so I think sleeping in a little is ok. I get on the subway and ride out to the sataion where I have to catch a bus to go to my home office with is in Missisauga. I don't go out there much because I really have no reason to when I'm on a project.

I went up to the platform and found it deserted. When I checked the bus schedules it seems that the last bus going out there is at 8:45. Serioiusly! I went down and asked and yes, there was no bus going to where I needed to go until 12. Obviously I was not going to wait around for that so I headed home to work from my apartment for the day.

I think a new shedule needs to be put in place that includes a, "I slept in Bus".
nicholas, 6:47 AM


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