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Thursday, October 19

Well I think I was a little abitious thinking that I could do a weekly review of on Monday's. I've failed to get my act together on the last two Mondays so I've decided to move my reviews to Thursday. Thursday is a much more manageable day for me as it leads nicely into the weekend giving all or you time to check out the review and me a few weekdays to find something to review.

It started snowing here this week and with the grey sky, cold weather, scarf and mittens I find myself looking for some music to suit the mood. I have to thank everybodycares for introducing me to both these singers this summer. He runs one of the best music blogs you'll find if you like great music. I didn't pay much attention to either of these at the time but I think this music likes the snow.

Husbands, Love Your Wives is a Seattle based singer who seems to do acoustic home recording of pretty much the most adorable little songs ever. They're romantic, heartbreaking and they dance with the snow. I don't think she has a cd out yet but I'm waiting for it and have already told my brother in Seattle to keep his ears open. You can hear and download a few tracks off her myspace and if like me you're looking for something to play while you walk to work at 5AM while it's snowing this was made for you.

As Your Lady.mp3

Bobby Baby is a Swedish singer that would fall into what I would call electro pop. I like her songs and cruising through her website you'll find a ton of downloads. A plus since I doubt you'd find her cd in Canada. There's something very simple but piercing about the sound and lyrics and I love her voice. I'd love to hear this playing in a lounge someday soon but for now I'll have to settle for it playing in my bedroom.

In Ten Years From Now (acoustic).mp3
Bye Bye Snow.mp3

This music video for her song Goodbye Love seems fitting for the season. Enjoy it all.
nicholas, 11:08 AM


glad to hear you liked the husbands,love your wives stuff! i think she's putting out a record early next year...i'm definitely looking forward to that.

and thanks for the links to my site, always appreciated. :)

Blogger Chad, at 12:49 AM  
Can't wait to hear it. I do like her songs a lot. They just geat into your soul a little.
Blogger nicholas, at 6:07 PM  
Thanks Nicholas! You've always been my source for new music and now I've got a few snowy tunes to carry me through these darker days. Winter is finally approaching in London, it's nippy out there.

Hugs, warm hugs
Blogger Jodie, at 9:10 AM  

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